Starting Local Promotion

Self-publishing a book isn’t easy. I think writing the book was the easy part. Once my book is done, I’ll have a post or two about my publishing journey. For now, I’ll just share some local advertising – my first attempt to get my book some attention. The Facebook page started with zero followers. I don’t even have a personal Facebook account myself. It started with my wife creating the page and sharing articles I write for my website’s blog. From there, without a book to sell yet, I need to somehow draw people to my page and build excitement for the book.

After getting my web presence established, I created and distributed bookmarks locally to encourage people to sign up for my mailing list, follow us, and get engaged. I used some of Tony’s character designs for both the bookmarks and tabletop displays at a small, local show. I plan to set up a booth at a local author and artist event at the end of January, and I’ve set a goal to have my first book printed and available for physical purchase at that show. My next goal will be to set up at a larger show at the end of May and have my first two books ready for both physical and electronic purchase. I’ll keep building my inventory of goodies, too – bookmarks, pins, stickers, and prints.

Shown below: tabletop display and bookmark.