Our Books

I’m proud to present the following books from Flat Mountain Publishing.

The World’s Worst…

Even among the most well-trained, highly skilled, ultra-competent professionals, some are The World’s Worst… This comic book anthology includes short stories on the worst CEO, Ninja, Time Travelers, and Medical Examiner.

This 32-page black and white comic is the first in this silly series and features the artistic talents of Neil Kohney, Luster Kaboom, and The Janimal.

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How Did the Hippopotamus Get There?

Sophia has always wanted her own hippopotamus. Imagine her joy and her parents’ shock when a hippopotamus shows up at her house just before her birthday.

See what happens when Sophia adopts the baby hippopotamus and welcomes him into her home in this beautifully illustrated, heart-filled book designed for young readers.

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The Toot Vortex

Mommy told her family that toots were not funny. She warned her family that lots of big, stinky toots could make a toot vortex, a very scary and destructive storm of swirling toots.

But Daddy and the rest of the Smith family love to toot! They think it would be funny to make a toot vortex during their weekly pizza night. Was Mommy right about not letting their toots get out of control?

The Toot Vortex is the first book of a new, silly series all about what happens when tooting goes wrong!

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The Adventures of Princess and Goose

The Adventures of Princess and Goose is a fun new children’s fantasy series that follows a group of friends from the beautiful Crystal City.

Inspired by my real-life kids and pups, these books conclude with an “About our Heroes” page that describes, with text and photos, the people and situations behind the story.

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