The World’s Worst… #1 is Now Available!

Even among the most well-trained, highly skilled, ultra-competent professionals, some are The World’s Worst… This comic book anthology includes short stories on the worst CEO, Ninja, Time Travelers, and Medical Examiner.

This 32-page black and white comic is the first in this silly series and features the artistic talents of Neil Kohney, Luster Kaboom, and The Janimal.

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New YouTube Channel

One of the best parts of being an author is the ability to try different types of writing and the opportunity to work on exciting projects. As a lifelong fan of comic books, I wanted to try my hand at making a comic. I have two separate comic books nearly ready for production: Dad Powers and Other Stories and The World’s Worst…

Dad Powers and Other Stories is an ambitious project for me. Other than the logo, I did all the work myself – writing, artwork (using a mix of photographs and editing tools), design, layout, and production. I’m thankful for all the family and friends who volunteered to be photographed in the comic.

What’s Dad Powers and Other Stories all about?

All fathers are bestowed with special powers. Some powers help. Others hinder. All are permanent. These are the tales of Dad Powers!

In addition to printing the comic, I used the opportunity to create webcomics from the stories. As of the posting of this blog, I have 3 videos and 5 shorts available on YouTube.

Please take a look at the site. Follows, likes, and comments are always appreciated.

How Did the Hippopotamus Get There? is Now Available!

My newest children’s book, How Did the Hippopotamus Get There?, is now available for purchase from Amazon. The book will be available on other sites in the coming days.

Here’s a quick description of the book:

Sophia has always wanted her own hippopotamus. Imagine her joy and her parents’ shock when a hippopotamus shows up at her house just before her birthday.

See what happens when Sophia adopts the baby hippopotamus and welcomes him into her home in this beautifully illustrated, heart-filled book designed for young readers.

I’m thrilled to see this book completed. It’s the longest children’s book I’ve created, and it looks incredible.

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How Did the Hippopotamus Get There? Update

We’re making steady progress on my next children’s book, How Did the Hippopotamus Get There? We’ve finalized more than half the images, and we’re starting to put the book together while artwork gets updated for the end of the book.

I’ve included four work in progress colored and lettered pages below. We’ll make a few updates to the placement of the text and standardize some colors across pages in the next iteration.

For more frequent updates on the book’s progress, please follow Flat Mountain Publishing on Instagram.

The Toot Vortex – Now Available!

The Toot Vortex Front Cover

My next children’s book, The Toot Vortex, is now available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback. I like to describe the silly story as a semi-autobiographical account of a very gassy family. Their toots come together into a massive tornado that wreaks havoc in their house.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy from Amazon, please use the links below. Reviews on Amazon and Goodreads would are greatly appreciated.

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Upcoming Author Talk

Those of you in Northern Arizona, please join me Sedona on November 18 and Cottonwood on November 19 as I attend the Verde Valley Author Expo.

On Friday, November 18, I’m giving an Author Talk, sponsored by the Sedona Library. The session is from 1 PM – 2 PM and I’ll spend that time talking about my writing process. If you can’t make it in person, you can download the presentation for free from my shop.

On Saturday, November 19, I’ll have a booth at the Verde Valley Author Expo in Cottonwood from 10 AM – 3 PM. I’ll have books, prints, and stickers for sale, plus coloring pages, crayons, and bookmarks available for free. Most exciting, I’ll preview my forthcoming book, The Toot Vortex.

See the pictures below for more information:

Tiny’s (Nickname Goose) Adoption Story

As I celebrate the release of my second book, The Adventures of Princess and Goose Book 2: Sir Logan and the Witches, I wanted to share the story of how we adopted Tiny, the inspiration for the silly Goose in the series.

Back in 2009, my wife and I happened across an adoption run by All 4 the Animals Rescue event where I instantly fell in love with a little emaciated pit bull named Rooney. We didn’t intend to adopt a new dog that day, as we had recently lost our long-time family member Ramzie. But we did adopt Rooney (now called Tiny) that day, and we brought him home in November 2009 after he recovered from his worm infection. Thirteen years later, Tiny is still a silly and loving member of our family.

It was important for me to share the love all these characters have for each other. Each book in the series concludes with photos and descriptions of Chloe (nickname Princess) and Tiny (nickname Goose) and their loving relationship with our now eight-year-old daughter, Isabella, and five-year-old son, Logan.

I’ve included two photos that All 4 the Animals Rescue posted when we adopted Tiny, along with a photo of all the kids together today.

Both paperbacks and ebooks are available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

The Adventures of Princess and Goose Book 2 is Now Available

After months of hard work and many revisions, I’m thrilled to announce that The Adventures of Princess and Goose Book 2: Sir Logan and the Witches is now available for purchase from Amazon in paperback. The Kindle edition is available for presale and will be released on July 29. The book will also be available for sale from other retailers on 7/29.

I was inspired to write these children’s books to share the special bond between our pups and kids. While the stories are set in a fictitious fantasy-themed world, their love and silliness are genuine. If you purchase a copy, please consider leaving a review on Amazon or Goodreads.

I’m hard at work on more books in this series, along with another wacky series. Follow me to keep up with my ongoing writing journey.

Special thanks to Tony Pham for helping to bring these books to life.

Book 2 is Available

Sir Logan and the Witches Printed Proof

After pushing back the release of The Adventures of Princess and Goose Book 2: Sir Logan and the Witches by two months, I finally received my printed proof this week. This step allows me and Tony to look at a printed copy of the book to look for any issues that may not be apparent when viewing the proof electronically. In this case, we need to adjust the page margins slightly to account for the larger book spine. Should be a quick update.

There is still one last page we’re working on in the book – the advertisement for another series that I’ll publish in parallel with The Adventures of Princess and Goose called The Toot Vortex. I’ll post more about that that series after Sir Logan and the Witches is available for sale. I don’t have Sir Logan and the Witches up for pre-sale yet, but I’ll announce the publication date soon. As a bonus, take a look at the preview page of The Adventures of Princess and Goose Book 3: Valley of the Dinosaurs.

Kids Need to Read: Phoenix Fan Fusion

Phoenix Fan Fusion is always a fun event. I was able to stop by the Kids Need to Read booth this year and drop off a few copies of my book for them to give away.

Kids Need to Read helps children discover the joy of reading and the power of a literate mind by providing inspiring books and literacy programs to underfunded schools, libraries, and community agencies across the United States, especially those serving disadvantaged children.

Be sure to check them out on Facebook.

Kids Need to Read Phoenix Fan Fusion 2022