About Sohrab Rezvan

What does one with no prior writing experience put in an author’s bio? Wanting to draw inspiration from my children, who inspired many of my books, I asked them to describe me. Silly and gassy were the first two things that came to my eight-year-old daughter’s mind. Accurate, but not terribly helpful. My five-year-old son said, “I love you,” which really isn’t helpful, but was great to hear, nonetheless. So here we go:

Sohrab Rezvan started his professional career in the field of emergency management after completing a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from George Mason University in Virginia. After several years, and completion of his master’s degree in Information Systems, he changed careers into the field of data analytics, where he still works full-time today.

In 2019, he started writing children’s stories in his free time to entertain his two young children. He wrote off and on for about a year and a half before getting serious about writing in mid-2021 with the founding of his company, Flat Mountain Publishing.

He self-published his first book, The Adventures of Princess and Goose Book 1: Chase Away the Dragons, in January 2022 and his second book, The Adventures of Princess and Goose Book 2: Sir Logan and the Witches, in July 2022. He published his third book, The Toot Vortex, in December 2022, and his fourth book, How Did the Hippopotamus Get There?, in July 2023.. He is hard at work on several more projects for 2023 and beyond.

About Flat Mountain Publishing

I founded Flat Mountain Publishing in 2021 as a means to share my first series of children’s books, the Adventures of Princess and Goose. I wanted the ability to share my own stories and maintain control over how the stories are distributed. I’ve worked with some of the best local talent in Arizona to create high-quality children’s books, comic books, and graphic novels available through some of the largest retail outlets.

What’s in a Name?

Although founded in Arizona, the home of many beautiful mesas, and with a logo of a stylized mesa, Flat Mountain Publishing was not named after the geological features. Rather, it refers to an inside joke with my family.

While my wife and I were experienced hikers, our hiking slowed down considerably after the birth of our first child. When my daughter was four years old, she was fascinated by the mountains near our home and the stories I shared of hikes across the world. She insisted on hiking up mountains that were far beyond her ability as a child. Our first mountain hike ended after less than one third of a mile (I think I still have a photo of the mile marker). Rather than let her get discouraged and give up on hiking altogether, I found a nearby nature preserve and told her it was a “flat mountain.” Just like the big mountain, but smaller. Years later, we still take walks to the “flat mountain” to feed the ducks or ride our bikes.