Selling Book 1 (Beta Testing)

Although I continue to have issues with Amazon, Chase Away the Dragons is available online from Barnes & Noble, Walmart, and other stores. I also ordered a box of books from the distributor so I can sell books directly to consumers. I am responsible for all marketing activities, and I’m working on several initiatives to promote the book online and in person.

I had the opportunity this past weekend to sell my book at a local toy show. The show is generally well attended, and I wanted to use the show as an opportunity to get my infrastructure setup for when I do a more traditional show for authors and artists. I’ve worked over the last few weeks to make sure my business licenses are in order, get my business bank account created, sign up for a variety of payments options, create giveaway items (e.g., coloring pages), and figure out how to present and promote my book at my booth. With a long list of business and marketing tasks to complete, it helps to have a plan and set a deadline.

My daughter, the inspiration for Queen Isabella, was excited to join me for the day. We went over how to engage with prospective customers, how much the book costs, how to take payment, how to thank a customer, and how ask for an online review (with an accompanying review slip with QR codes to quickly leave feedback online). She did a wonderful job.

Staffing the booth was a fun experience, and I’m glad we could do it together. The process certainly gives me a greater appreciation for how hard it is to be successful in this business.

Shown below: a picture of our booth (with a digital, rotating picture frame), and a picture of us getting ready to open our booth – check out those matching custom shirts (thanks Aly)!

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