Do Princess and Goose Really Love to Snuggle?

It’s a theme you’ll see frequently in the series – Princess and Goose snuggling with Queen Isabella and Sir Logan. But do Chloe and Tiny, the inspiration for Princess and Goose, really love to snuggle? I think it’s fair to say that the only thing they love more than snuggling is eating treats. Although our dogs are large (by most peoples’ point of view) at 60 lbs. each, they don’t think twice about laying on you and demanding tummy rubs.

At bedtime, they own the bed. Chloe likes to sleep directly on our upper body, while Tiny likes to lay across our legs. And the love of snuggling is mutual – Isabella and Logan love snuggling with their older brother and sister.

And, yes, Chloe and Tiny do snore very loudly.

Shown below: various pictures of snuggling puppies and a rough page layout for Princess and Goose Book 1: Chase Away the Dragons.